Roof Moss Removal & Roof Tile Cleaning

Depending on the condition of the roof we can offer three methods of cleaning the tiles.

Option One: Scraping Method

Specialised blades that fit the various profiles of the roof tiles are used to remove the moss off the roof and then a deep clean softwash application is applied to kill any remaining organic growth. 

Prices Start at £300.00

Option Two: Pressure washing

By using low pressure the roof tiles can be cleaned more thoroughly using a pressure washer combined with telescopic poles and  a specialised roofing surface cleaner, then a deep clean softwash application is applied to guarantee all organic growth has been killed. This is a more thorough clean and is particularly good at getting rid of unsightly white lichen spots

Prices Start at: £300.00

Option Three: Softwash Only

If there is very little moss on the roof then then we can just apply a deep cleaning softwash application which will clean the tiles.

Prices Start: £100.00

Additional services we provide:

Roof Sealing Treatments:

A high performance clear sealer can be applied to the roof to provide a durable protective coating.

Prices Start: £300.00

Coloured Coating Treatment and Sealer:

A high performance coloured coating and sealer can be applied to tiles that have lost their colour or faded to make the roof look like new again. A variety of colours are available.

Prices Start £300.00


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